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Located about 120 Kms from the city of Indore, is the Fort Amla. Established by the descendents of Bappa Rawal, the Amla riyasat boasts of a proud heritage.

The Fort is an architectural delight to behold with bold sweeping arches and long open terraces. With a peaceful atmosphere, it is a perfect getaway close enough to major towns (Indore- 120kms; Ratlam-45kms and Ujjain-45kms) to be easily accessible.

The Fort has now opened a section for guests, giving them an opportunity to live the grandeur and the history. The stillness of the life, it's charming simplicity is a contrasting reflection on the present day 24/7 world.

Come to Fort Amla. Experience what we have left behind in this journey to the present.

On the eastern southern side the fort is flanked by the village.

When you come to the Fort, you find yourself transported to a different era.
The fort is located on the outer western side of the village & has a panoramic view of the fields in the west.
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